Fashwet By The Numbers… FLB 2017 Draft Edition

After losing a popularity contest to Fash’s most corrupt PoFO of all time…

“I just want to thank everyone for always being there for me! Fash First!” *sulking*

…hugging a toilet and making James’ bathroom look like a Campbell’s soup factory explosion, I realized laying on the ground waiting for my train that…

I rocked the draft. But enough about me, let’s talk about you: some insights, why you’re great or why you’re KG; it’s the first edition of Fashwet by the Numbers!

Power Rankings

Here’s a very bland chart:

Team Team Value
AITT 91.3
Bbak 82.1
MAKN 56.1
BARC 54.8
PCC 50.6
JTB 47.8
HANK 47.4
XG 32.6
KING 31.8
TNG 29.1
KG 21.4
GRIFF -12.1

I did this based on auction value of your best players that you would most likely start on average. I know, very rough, very lazy and for some of you new comers, very sad!

But that was boring and there are several impacts because of depth, rising studs, injuries, etc., where it really doesn’t tell you much other then: “You’re off to a ______ start”

Going a little deeper…

So hey, that was lame. You’ll probably get the same flavor from the Commisioner’s unbiased and always true* draft grades.

*-Disrespecting our glorious leader is punishable by death

So, I made a heat map for individual stat categories:


Here, your projected stats are “normalized,” meaning that I applied each category to a bell curve. If you’re stat savvy, you can make arguments why this isn’t appropriate, but quite frankly, IDGAF and it gets the job done for what I want to conclude with…

So here, you want to be green. Green is good. Red is bad. Yellow is average. The numbers actually represent standard deviation (i.e. how far you’re away from the mean, which in this case, a zero) (EDIT: Griff-IN and I agree that it should just be deviation, and the negative/positive reflect deviations below and above the mean). To make it analogous to something, having something like a 0 means an IQ of 100… you have average intelligence. Meanwhile, having a value of 2 is like having an IQ of someone who is typically smart like a doctor or lawyer. In contrast, having something like a -2 means you have an IQ of someone who should stick to the colors and ignore what you just read.

Me too and we’ll get to the playoff predictions shortly.

For the record, I don’t believe in IQ, but hopefully you get the point.

The real point of this heat map: use this to see where you may have leverage in trading or to find areas where you need improvement. Because the more educated you are, the least likely you’ll get screwed over.

Time to trade, Griffin!

Which leads me to my last little tidbit.

Playoff Predictions

Here are my calculated chances that you, yes you, will make it to the playoffs:

(TBD this weekend: algos crashed over KGs team)

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